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[Tinpak News]Dubai clients visited Tinpak[ 2016-11-18 09:45 ]
On November 10th, Mr. Israr Ahmed and their deputy General Manager Mr. Babak visited Tinpak. They were very happy with what he saw at Tinpak: food tins in various shapes, size and printing; well organized and clear workshops; good understanding and quick response to their question and packaging concept.
[Tinpak News]I get a order of 5000pcs dog food tin boxes today[ 2015-04-12 19:59 ]
I get a order of 5000pcs dog food tin boxes from my US client today. I get a order from My US client. It is a order of 5000pcs dog food tin boxes. Mr. Andrew were very happy after recieving the pre-production samples of 2 kinds of dog food tins. He place the ...
[Tinpak Album]Romanian Tin Box Buyer visiting Tinpak[ 2014-07-18 15:54 ]
This Romanian client is very happy working with Judy and Tinpak. When we asked him why they choose to work with Tinpak for importing food tins, we were told that they feild they were working with their domestic suppliers. His words are really a big award for T...
[FAQ]Do you have dust free packing facility?[ 2014-06-17 21:53 ]
Tinpak has established dust free packing department for food tins and there are separate entries for workers and products. Before the tin boxes are moved in for cleaning and assembly, the tin lids and bases are disinfected by Ultraviolet lamp. Before the worke...
[FAQ]Does Tinpak has the dust-free packing workshop for tin box packing[ 2014-06-11 23:32 ]
Tinpak has its dust free packing workshop for food tins just like candy tin, cookie tin, chocolate  tins, tea tin and more. Tinpak will arrange the workers and the products into the workshop from different entries. All workers have to get their hands clea...
http://www.tinpak.us/FAQ/tin box packing_1.html3
[FAQ]what lacquers available for food tins?[ 2014-06-03 22:15 ]
Currently on the markets, there are clear lacuqer and golden lacuqer for food tin boxes and any of the lacquers is food safe as many times samples with different lacquers were sent to SGS or Intertek for test and the food tin lacquers are approved safe for dir...
[Certificates & Reports]HACCP certified tin box factory[ 2014-05-19 15:01 ]
TINPAK was a HACCP certified tin box factory and this certificate was expired in 2013. This certificate shows our clients that how Tinpak handles the raw material, mass printing, mass production, final packing and warehouse management for the tin box production to make sure the food tins Tinpak make complies with international standards as well as the tins are safe for food packaging.
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