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[Certificates & Reports]Tinpak Re-newed 2022 BRC and Sedex 4P certificate.[ 2022-04-26 17:11 ]
As a 18 years professional tin box manufacturer and exporter, Tinpak renew BRC and Sedex 4P certificate every year. Tinpak - a tin box manufacturer makes only premium tins, this is not just a word, but also a kind of confidence and commitment. Here is the 2022 re-newed BRC and Sedex certificate.
[Tinpak News]Spanish tin box buyer visited Tinpak on March 4th[ 2016-03-07 09:27 ]
A new Spanish client visited Tinpak on March 4th.This client got to know Tinpak and our tin box from our website.And the client showed his strong desire to have substantial progress with us soon. We, as a premium tin box manufacturer, also expect to work with his esteem company and to support his business with his existing suppliers.
[FAQ]Do you make 3D embossed tin boxes?[ 2014-07-29 22:17 ]
Tinpak is a professional tin box manufacturer and exporter and we are technically strong with multi-level embossings to meet tin box importer's expectations on innovative metal packaging tin boxes. Usually tin box buyer's just send us an embossing guide with d...
[Tinpak News]Ice bucket tin in good production[ 2014-07-07 11:43 ]
As one of the best tin box manufacturer and tin box exporter, Tinpak makes various kinds of tin boxes, including ice bucket tins and bucket tins. Nowadays, our tin box production is busy producing a big order of Coke ice bucket tin box. This ice bucket tin i...
[FAQ]do you make soap tins?[ 2014-07-04 10:16 ]
Tinpak is a tin box manufacturer and exporter and we can make different soap tin boxes per client's demand. Now soap tins are more and more welcome on the Wester markets and Tinpak makes millions of soap tin boxes for export markets. Aside of the soap tin boxe...
[FAQ]Can you make very good plug lid tin case[ 2014-06-20 14:45 ]
As a reputed tin box manufacturer in China, Tinpak can either make plug lid or necked in body with very good lid fit. Usually plug lid tin is available for heart shapes, round tins, rectangular tins, square tins and some irregular shapes of tin boxes. Plug lid...
[Tinpak News]The 17th outdoor activity of Tinpak[ 2014-06-15 17:29 ]
Tinpak Co.,Ltd is a 8-year-old tin box manufacturer.In addition to work, the company also pays attention to employees' physical qualities. Every Wednesday afternoon we will off work early for sports exercise to build a strong body and keep the passion.
[FAQ]can you make deeply embossed chocolate tin box?[ 2014-06-15 10:54 ]
 Tinpak is a professional chocolate tin box manufacturer and we can make very nice 3-D for chocolate tin boxes. When customers provides us embossing guide with darker shades for deeper embossing, our technicans can make a dummy samples for clients to appr...
[Certificates & Reports]ISO certified tin box supplier[ 2014-05-15 22:08 ]
Tinpak is an ISO 9001:2008 certified tin box manufacturer in China.
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